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Here at McMillan Dentistry our dentists are well trained in tooth extractions. Common indications for extractions include: unrestorable teeth, infected teeth, fractures or cracked teeth, orthodontic treatment, and impacted teeth. Our dentists work hard to make sure the extraction is as comfortable as possible. We will keep you informed during every step of the process.


Often young adults between the ages of 17-25 will require extraction of wisdom teeth. They grow in the back of the mouth, and often become impacted, meaning there is not adequate room in the rear of the mouth to function properly. Symptoms of impacted wisdom teeth can include pain, swelling and infection. The process for removal of wisdom teeth include a consult with a panoramic radiograph and discussion regarding sedation options. The patient is booked back at a later date for the extraction(s).


After the extraction, it is very important that your wounds begin to clot and heal. To allow the wounds to heal, you must be very careful around the affected area. Try not to rinse vigorously, smoke, consume alcohol or use a drinking straw. Make certain that you take your pain medication as directed and drink plenty of fluids.

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